The Gobel School of Dance, formerly the Maryse Gobel Ballet Academy, was founded by Maryse Gobel 40 years ago. Katie Parr Smith is now Artistic Director and works alongside Business Manager, Kelly Young.

The focus of the Gobel School of Dance is the quality of our ballet, jazz/contemporary, hip hop & tap instruction.  We perform a classical ballet with a pre-show showcasing our other dance styles at the end of each year while also continuing to instruct our dancers in technique, discipline and poise.

Click each name to learn about our team of instructors:

Katie Parr Smith
Artistic Director

Kelly Watson Young
Business Manager

Stan Bobo
Upper-level Ballet Instructor

Heather Samuelson
Pointe, Jazz/Contemporary 3 and Tap Instructor

Dalene Merrel
Creative Movement and Beginning Ballet Instructor

Jenny Gumm
Intermediate 2 and Pre-Pointe Ballet Instructor

Kristi Bradley
Intermediate 1 Ballet Instructor

Meghan Lawrence
Jazz/Contemporary 1 & 2 Instructor

Cheyenne Embery
Hip Hop 1 & 2 Instructor

Maryse Gobel