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The Gobel School of Dance (GSD) offers Ballet (ages 4 to adult), Jazz/Contemporary (ages 7 to adult), Hip Hop (Ages 8-16) and Tap (ages 14 to adult). We feel that dance is a wonderful way to exercise both the mind and body for people of all ages.

Through our ballet, jazz/contemporary, hip hop and tap classes, we like to inspire well-rounded, healthy dancers who realize that talent, practice and a good work ethic are important in dance as well as in life. Our dancers also learn the importance of injury prevention so that they can enjoy dancing throughout their entire lives.

We also want our dancers to love dancing and have a great respect for the art, musicality and beauty it brings to those who watch it and appreciate it. We want to make sure that each dancer is in the correct class based on their abilities and specific dance needs.

Class placements are not decided by age, grade level, social group or even number of years danced. Our placements are based on technique, behavior, attitude and willingness to learn.

GSD showcases its ballet, jazz/contemporary, hip hop & tap dancers in a performance at the end of each school year. Dancers will get the exciting chance to be involved in a classical ballet production while also displaying their versatility through other dance styles.

We like to create a good experience for all our dancers whether they want a future in dance or just want to learn life essentials such as poise, discipline and appreciation of the arts.